Terms & Conditions / FAQ's

Terms & Conditions

Proofs for invitations will be emailed to you prior to printing. Please be aware that it is YOUR responsibility to check spellings, names, dates and times etc, sign and return it to us. Once your proofs have been approved by you, it will not be possible to alter the wording at a later date. Any amendments required, after you have approved the wording and spellings, will incur an additional charge at our discretion but cannot be changed once your order has been produced.

Please note that any delay in receiving confirmed proofs will result in a delay in receiving your order.

Any sample invites ordered will be provided in your choice of colours and material but will not be personalised.

Additional kits can be ordered although there may be some variations in colours in some of our speciality papers as these are ordered batch and, on rare occasions, there may be a slight difference in shade.



What does each kit contain?

Each kit will contain all materials required to assemble the number of invites that you order. One tube of UHU glue will be provided for kits that include pocketfold assembly but you will have to buy additional glue rollers or double sided tape to complete your order (We will provide one roller and one roll of tape so that you can choose what you would rather use). 

What should you use to cut your invites?

Scissors can be used for any cutting required but we recommend that you use a guillotine or cutting machine for a professional looking, straight edge. You can buy these from most craft shops or online shops for approximately £15.

How easy are the kits to assemble?

Our kits have been put together with an easy to follow 'How to' sheet and one invitation already made up as a guide. We have tested these on various groups of 'crafty' and 'non crafty' individuals and all have managed to produce gorgeous invites!